Invited Speakers

Prof. Xiaoying Feng
Beijing Normal University, China

Dr. Xiaoying FENG is a Professor at Beijing Normal University. She is the Director of the Lab of Learning Design & Learning Analytics at Beijing Normal University. Prof. Feng is also the guest Professor at Macau City University, and the Chief Editor of <White Paper on Teacher Training in China>. She has been hosting or engaging in a dozen of national or international projects. Prof. Feng has been engaged in the field of educational technology for over 25 years. Her research interests mainly focus in Instructional Design in online or blended learning environment, Online Tutoring, Curriculum Development in distance education, and Teacher Professional development.

Prof. Yuxia Du
Guangzhou University, China

Yuxia Du, professor, doctor of educational technology, director and of knowledge engineering and wisdom education research center of Guangzhou University, person in charge of construction of first-class undergraduate major in Educational Technology, person in charge of national first-class undergraduate online courses. She also serves as the curriculum expert of the national MOOC project for improving teachers' teaching ability, the leader of Xiangyun digital textbook application discipline of Guangdong Provincial Department of education, the expert of the demonstration project of balanced, high-quality and standardized development of compulsory education in underdeveloped areas of Guangdong Province, the expert of information technology application ability improvement project for primary and secondary school teachers in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou, the expert of Guangzhou teacher education network curriculum construction . She serves as the National Wisdom Education Demonstration Zone (Guangzhou) expert. Her research interest is mainly on teacher education informatization, wisdom education, thinking teaching, learning science, steam education, etc. She has presided over 16 research projects , published more than 50 academic papers and 3 monographs. She has won the title of excellent worker of information technology application ability improvement project for primary and secondary school teachers in Guangzhou.

Assoc. Prof. Hang Hu
Southwest University, China

Hang Hu, PhD in Education, Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence (Intelligence) of Southwest University, Convener of the "Learning and Smart Education" Alliance of Southwest University, Expert of the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, Expert of Chongqing Basic Education Quality Monitoring, Executive Member of the Information Technology Education Special Committee of China Education Association, Youth Committee Member of the Information Technology Education Special Committee of China Education Technology Association, Human Resources of China Adult Education Association Member of the Education Commission and a member of the International Chinese Educational Technology Association (SICET). In recent years, Professor Hu has been engaged in research and practice in Cognitive and Deeper Learning (disciplinary education technology), Learning and Smart Education, Educational Big Data and Learning Analytics, Ethnic Education Informatization, and Regional Informatization Development Strategies. Also, he has presided over 5 projects of National Social Science, Natural Science and Education Ministry, published more than 30 academic papers in SCI, SSCI and CSSCI, and served as an external reviewer for several high-level journals (e.g., Distance Education Research, Journal of Distance Education, and Open Education Research).

Assoc. Prof. Guoshuai Lan
Henan University, China

Guoshuai Lan, Ph.D. in Educational Technology,Postdoctoral Fellow in Education from Nanjing Normal University, Associate Professor at Henan University, Deputy Director and Doctoral Supervisor of the Department of Educational Technology, School of Education, Faculty of Education, Henan University, and the researcher of Henan Province Education Informatization Development Research Center. He is appointed as a special reviewer for domestic and international CSSCI and SSCI core journals. He has been engaged in teaching, researching, training and promotion of information technology in education for many years. His research focuses on the application of information technology in education. His research covers the following areas: online education and distance education, educational artificial intelligence and intelligent learning environment, basic education informatization, basic theory of educational technology, educational technology research methods, technology for learning, informatization teaching design, teacher informatization capacity building and teacher professional development, digital teaching resources construction and development, and international comparison of educational technology, and other fields. Lan Guoshuai has published more than 60 academic papers in CSSCI authoritative journals such as Educational Research, Journal of Higher Education, and E-education Research, and many articles have been reproduced in full text by China Social Science Excellence, China University Academic Abstracts, and China Social Sciences Net. He has presided over and participated in more than 10 key research projects of the National Social Science Foundation for Education, the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Research, and the Key Research Projects of Henan Higher Education Institutions. He has published five academic books in authoritative publishing houses such as Science Press and China Social Sciences Press. He has co-edited 6 books including "Modern Educational Technology Applications (2nd Edition)" and "History of Educational Technology and Academic Development".

Assoc. Prof. Guangtao Xu
Hangzhou Normal University, China

Dr. Xu Guangtao is an associate professor at the Jinghengyi school of education, Hangzhou Normal University. In recent years, he has focused on inquiry-based learning environment design and learning behavior analysis. He has published more than 30 papers and won more than 20 teaching and research achievements awards at various levels, including the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Zhejiang Province in 2014, and the Second Prize of Excellent Achievements in National Education Science Research in 2021 as a major member.

Speech Title: Design and Implementation of Inquiry Learning Environment based on Web3D